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O2 broadband customers set to ‘believe in better’ with move to Sky

Commenting on today’s sale of O2 broadband to Sky, Marie-Louise Abretti, telecoms expert at, says: “Selling off the broadband part of the business might lead to  O2 focussing on giving customers the best mobile experience. In the last year, O2’s customer support has slipped, so a renewed focus could lead to a reverse in fortunes. And while previously O2 has given its broadband customers good customer service, Sky has upped its game, which means that O2 customers won’t be sacrificing the level of service they’ve come to expect.

“Sky also offers truly unlimited downloads with no traffic management, as well as the possibility of life in the fast lane thanks to superfast fibre broadband. A variety of Sky rewards will also be a real sweetener – especially for those who stick with O2 mobile, who will enjoy the best of both worlds of perks. And luckily, the cost of a Sky home phone and broadband package won’t come at much of a premium – the added bonus of truly unlimited broadband could cost O2 mobile customers just £3 a year more.

“However, customers may be concerned about how the transition is handled by Sky. Following TalkTalk’s take-over of Tiscali in 2009, Ofcom hit the providers with £3 million in fines for wrongly billing customers, mainly caused by problems with integrating accounts. It’s vital that Sky learns from this and ensures that consumers don’t lose out as part of this deal.

“Meanwhile O2 could see a loss of mobile customers, who, no longer being able to enjoy a cheaper broadband service by doubling up with their mobile, may start shopping around for a better deal.

“While some customers will be worried about the hassle of finding a new provider, it could be a great opportunity for them to ensure they’re getting the best broadband – and mobile – deal for their needs. For Sky TV fans in particular, this could be a great time to bundle products – which can be both cheaper and more convenient.”


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Notes to editors

  1. Based on O2 basic broadband package for O2 mobile customers of £6.25 a month, and £13 line rental, equaling £231 for a year. This is compared with Sky’s basic package of 6 months free and then £10 a month and line rental of £14.50 a month giving a total cost of £234 for the first year. This is a difference of £3.

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