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‘Ofcom will be watching for providers who use sharp practices’ – uSwitch comments on watchdog’s fairness framework

Commenting on the publication of Ofcom’s fairness framework – which outlines the criteria the regulator will use when judging  whether telecoms and pay-TV companies have treated their customers Head of Regulation, Richard Neudegg, said:

“It’s good to see Ofcom focusing on encouraging telecoms providers to treat their customers fairly, as this is long overdue.

“These measures should help to bring the sector more closely in line with the approach in other areas like financial services and energy.

“This ‘fairness framework’ means the regulator will be watching closely for providers’ sharp practices that cause people to unfairly lose out, and that any concerns are promptly resolved.

“If you feel you aren’t being treated fairly, let your provider know.

“You can take your complaint to the relevant ombudsman if you aren’t happy with their response.”

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