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Uswitch comments on Ofgem's direct debit limit announcement

Justina Miltienyte, head of policy at, said: “Ofgem is right to stop suppliers from using customers' money like an interest-free credit card.

“These are sensible proposals, and forcing providers to protect credit balances will prevent all customers from picking up the tab in case a supplier goes under - as we have seen happen too much over the last year. 

“Credit balances should serve the customer, not the supplier. Paying a fixed amount over the summer can help build credit that will act as a useful cushion for consumers during the winter months, as it can soften the blow of bills spiking when they turn up their heating. 

“To make sure you are billed accurately, it’s crucial that you provide regular meter readings to your energy supplier if you do not have a smart meter. This will make it easier for your supplier to predict how much energy you are going to use over the year, so your direct debit payments reflect it.” 

“Customers should keep an eye on their monthly direct debit payments and if they think they are excessive, they should contact their supplier as soon as possible.”


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