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eSIM USA deals

Uswitch tips

How does a Uswitch USA eSIM work?

A Uswitch USA eSIM allows you to switch carriers directly on your phone, eliminating the need for physical SIM card swaps. So you can roam anywhere you like in the US without having to go to a local supplier.

Which phones support a USA eSIM?

All flagship smartphones support eSIMs, including all the latest phones from Apple, Samsung and Google.

USA eSIM travel bundles

1GB - £3.00

7 day bundle

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2GB - £4.00

15 day bundle

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3GB - £4.00

30 day bundle

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5GB - £6.00

30 day bundle

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10GB - £11.00

30 day bundle

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How to install your USA travel eSIM


Check your phone is eSIM compatible


Purchase travel eSIM for USA


Follow the eSIM installation instructions sent to you via email


Activate your eSIM on arrival in USA

How does a Uswitch eSIM work in the USA?

Once you have checked that your phone is eSIM compatible, you can choose a travel eSIM based on your needs. It’s important to prioritise certain areas such as data, price, speed, coverage, and call and message support. After purchasing and activating your eSIM, you can access the internet, make calls and send texts as soon as you land in America, so you don’t have to search for a physical SIM card at the airport.

Roaming vs Uswitch US travel eSIM

An alternative to getting an eSIM is using the roaming plan from your mobile provider. A roaming plan also gives you an allowance for data, calls, and texts by operating as a guest on a foreign provider’s network, but often at quite a high cost.

An eSIM is usually a prepaid plan, so you know exactly what you’re getting without any hidden charges. Roaming in the US often comes with a high cost, certainly more than it would cost in the EU. Most UK network providers require you to purchase an additional worldwide roaming package when using data and texts in the USA.

The cost per MB of data while in the US can vary depending on your provider, but it can range from 20p to £6.

Roaming in USA on UK networks

Uswitch eSIM for USA

Uswitch eSIM packages are data-only, with costs and allowances vary per package.

Three roaming charges in USA

Approximately £6.00 per MB, £3 per minute to receive calls, 35p to send texts to the UK

Vodafone roaming charges in USA

Vodafone charges £7.39 a day in addition to your existing plan for calls, texts, and up to 25GB of data.

O2 roaming charges in USA

The O2 Travel Bolt On gives you unlimited minutes, texts and data for £6 a day.

EE roaming charges in USA

EE's Travel Data Pass gives you 150MB of data for £8.45 a day.

What are the key benefits of a travel eSIM?

  • 1

    Avoid hidden charges with a prepaid travel eSIM

  • 2

    Easily top-up your US eSIM whenever your travel itinerary shifts without the hassle of contacting your carrier

  • 3
    Connect like a local

    No need to rely on your domestic provider to keep you connected. A travel eSIM works with local providers to ensure the best rates and service

  • 4
    Store multiple eSIMs on your device

    Most smartphones allow you to store multiple eSIM profiles, which is handy if you decide to travel to different states in America.

  • 5
    100% digital

    Buy, install, and activate an eSIM directly from your smartphone. No need to reach out to your carrier to manage your travel connectivity.

Getting a local SIM vs Uswitch US travel eSIM

Purchasing an eSIM card online is the simplest method to maintain connectivity while travelling to the USA. With just a few clicks, you can arrange everything online and be fully prepared for your trip, eliminating the need to visit a physical SIM card store upon arrival to the States.

With travel eSIMs, you typically receive more data for the same price, so if you think you will need or use a lot of data while travelling around the US, an eSIM is a far better option. It is worth noting that, on average, a one-hour session using Google Maps can use up to 200MB of data—a significant amount if you're travelling a lot and have a limited data plan.

The US is vast and it is not a given that all of its many airports, like John F. Kennedy International Airport or Chicago O'Hare International Airport, will even have SIM card stores. After a long flight, the last thing you want is to be unable to get online or try and navigate a confusing SIM store. Having an eSIM ensures you have data ready to use immediately after stepping off the plane.


How much is an eSIM for USA travel?

Depending on how long you are going for and the amount of data you need, the price of a USA eSIM can vary from £3.00 to over £10.

What is the speed that I will have with the Uswitch eSIM in the USA?

As of 2023 the 5G network was available in 503 US cities. 5G has the potential for download speeds between 10 and 20 Gbps, or 100 times faster than 4G.

Does the USA eSIM include a local phone number?

No phone number is supplied with the eSIM.You would need to be bound to a data-based service such as WhatsApp to use your number over data services. This means you will avoid any roaming charges for voice and SMS while using the data on your eSIM.

Can I call and send an SMS with my Uswitch eSIM in the US?

Uswitch eSIMs are sold only as data bundles. Voice and SMS cannot be used with the eSIM as no phone number is assigned to them.

Archie Burkinshaw author headshot
Written by Archie Burkinshaw, Content Writer
Published - 31 May 2024
Updated - 9 July 2024