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Huawei P11: Five things we know so far

Huawei has quietly become one of the world’s best mobile makers. Its killer design and star features have marked it out repeatedly in the past two years as a serious rival to Apple and Samsung.

And its next–generation P11 looks set to be a game-changer, something that the aforementioned main players in mobile will look to for inspiration.

With rumours flying, here are five things we know so far about the Huawei P11.

1) Triple lens, power-house camera

Huawei P11 concept triple lens camera

Well–known mobile tipster Evan Blass has laid his hands on perhaps the juiciest morsel regarding the Huawei P11. His insider connections have gleaned information about Huawei’s plans for a triple lens camera setup, with the biggest lens topping out at a massive 40 megapixels.

Made by Leica, who have worked with Huawei for years and were behind the P9’s dual setup (which beat the iPhone 7 Plus to the punch by six months), the rear snapper is said to be backed up by a 24-megapixel selfie camera.

2) AI imaging

Huawei Mate 10 camera plant hero size

Although the extra lenses and high megapixel count suggest the P11 will be a next level device, rumours about plans for artificial intelligence (AI) backed shooting modes are perhaps more intriguing.

It’s thought Huawei will use AI in order to lock in scene modes and frame shots properly, with post production skills to ensure that final pics look the part.

3) 6–inch screen

Huawei P11 concept screen

Alongside gossip about the P11’s camera, leaked firmware appears to confirm that the device will have a capacious 6-inch display. This is said to feature a 2160 x 1080 resolution. Not the highest we’ve ever seen, but more than ample to handle HD playback on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms.

4) iPhone X–style notch

Huawei P11 concept notch

Apple’s iPhone X ‘notch’ is a Marmite feature. Some users think it gives Apple’s new smartphone a distinctive look. Others that it looks like a naff compromise that Steve Jobs would never have allowed to see the light of day.

It seems, though, that Huawei is in the former camp. The P11 is pegged to come with a similar feature, which will house speakers, camera and other tracking tech. Software discovered by developers has revealed all, with leaked pics likely to appear in the coming weeks.

5) MWC release

Huawei P10

Like the P10 before it, the Huawei P11 seems to be set for launch at Mobile World Congress, which gets going on 26th February in Barcelona.

With a specs sheet that seems to blow everyone else out of the water, it should by rights be subject to as much hype as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7, which are both expected to be unveiled at the same event.

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