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OnePlus 3 price rise – everything you need to know

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OnePlus has announced it is putting up the price of its flagship OnePlus 3 phone here in the UK, just weeks after it launched.

The critically lauded handset is one of the most affordable high–end smartphones available.

But if you want one without having to stump up more, you’ll need to move fast.

Here’s everything you need to know about the OnePlus 3 price rise.

It's going up by £20

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OnePlus says it’s increasing the asking price of the OnePlus 3 from £309 to £329.

That’s not too painful by any means. But considering the One Plus 3 is marketed as a SIM–only device, it could end up being a deal-breaker for bargain hunters looking for a top–notch smartphone at a low price.

OnePlus says it has not taken the decision lightly.

It comes a week after the phone-maker warned it may be forced into hiking the price in the wake of June 23rd's Brexit vote.

Currency concerns

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The price hike is being blamed on the collapse of the pound.

OnePlus says its hand has been forced by sterling trading at $1.30, which means it now costs more to bring the handsets into the UK.

The upshot is that it’s having to slap on a higher price tag at a time when it says demand is higher than ever.

Chances are it could impact the mobile-maker’s business adversely, at least on these shores.

You've got until July 11th

There is one silver lining. OnePlus is sticking by its promise to give potential owners plenty of warning about the larger hole its phone will soon leave in your pocket.

The OnePlus 3 will be available for £309 until July 11th. So if you’re keen on a device which has won plaudits for its stellar performance at a rock bottom price, now is the time to strike.

It’s unlikely that the cost will come back down, even if sterling rallies against the dollar.

Still more affordable than its rivals

iPhone 6S Triplicate

The fact remains that the OnePlus 3 is still one of the most affordable high–end smartphones in the world.

Put it up against it with the SIM–free cost of an iPhone 6s, which starts at £539 and has a spec sheet which looks somewhat dated by comparison, and you can see why savvier consumers are choosing the OnePlus instead of other, more mainstream devices.

It’s cheaper the Google’s flagship Nexus smartphones and Samsung’s high–end Galaxy S7 as well. The latter may have swankier screens, but really that’s about it.

The OnePlus 3’s camera, stock Android software and sharp design are every bit as good, if not better, than the best Samsung can offer.

Accessory prices aren't affected

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OnePlus says that only the price of the OnePlus 3 will rise.

The result is that its headphones, cases and charging accessories will all be available for the same price.

Head to our dedicated page to compare OnePlus 3 deals.

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