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OnePlus 5T: five things we know so far

The OnePlus 5T, OnePlus’s latest handset isn’t out yet.

But thanks to a combination of the company’s own teasers and a series of high profile leaks, we already know a huge amount about it.

If you’re not sold on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and think the iPhone X is overpriced, then step this way and we’ll tell you five things we know so far about the much more keenly priced OnePlus 5T.

1 It’s coming 16th November

OnePlus 5t amazon listing leak

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 5T will be revealed on 16th November at a special event in Brooklyn, New York.

Controversially, the mobile-maker is charging guests to see the device be unveiled, saying the money it makes will be invested in ‘tech innovation’.

That strange move aside, it won’t be long before we have an official look at the latest effort from the world’s premium independent smartphone company.

2 New design

OnePlus 5t leak

Like Samsung, LG and Apple, OnePlus is dispensing with the front–mounted home button on the OnePlus 5T.

According to a series of leaks, the phone will feature an all–screen front, with a massive 6–inch display.

Unlike the iPhone X though, OnePlus’s latest effort will feature a fingerprint scanner, this time mounted on the back of the device, in keeping with rival Android phones from the likes of Samsung and LG.

3 Same specs as OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 camera in-action stage hero size

Leaks have shown that the spec sheet for the new OnePlus 5T is virtually the same as the OnePlus 5.

That means 64GB or 128GB storage options, 6GB and 8GB of RAM and the same 16 megapixel dual lens camera round the back. All of this will be backed up by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

4 Headphone slot, but no wireless charging

OnePlus 5 Dash Charge

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau isn’t shy when it comes to discussing future products.

He’s already confirmed that following extensive polling of OnePlus users, the OnePlus 5T will be keeping its standard 3.5mm headphone slot.

That’s a bonus for those with expensive earbuds who don’t want to make the move to wireless or use a dongle.

Lau has, however, said the device won’t come with wireless charging, instead claiming that he prefers the company’s rapid Dash Charge feature.

At this stage, that’s no bad thing, with decent wireless charging still in its infancy.

5 A decent SIM–free price

A recent leak to TechRadar, citing internal OnePlus documents, shows that the OnePlus 5T will come in at £449 SIM–free.

That’s a steal when you consider the iPhone X costs more than twice as much at £999 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will set you back £869.

If you want a top–end phone that doesn’t cost a bomb, then the OnePlus 5T may well be the way to go.

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