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Vodafone VeryMe Rewards: everything you need to know

Mobile customers now get cheap cinema tickets, free data and gifts.

Everyone loves a freebie. And Vodafone’s VeryMe app offers customers exactly that. VeryMe's stand-out offer is cheap cinema tickets. And when we say cheap, we mean cheap. Two tickets for £7 at the Vue cinema. And that's valid any time you like. You get one voucher a week and you can go any day of the week.

During lockdown, Vodafone adapted its offers to help us stay safely entertained in the comfort of our own homes and some of those deals are still valid now. Be sure to keep checking the app for new offers.

Even more impressive, Vodafone harnesses machine learning (also known as artificial intelligence) and location-specific data to tailor deals that are likely to be of particular interest to you. So you'll easily be able to find the things you're most likely to want.

So how do you sign up? What sort of freebies and offers can you expect? And who’s eligible to join? Read on for everything you need to know.

What freebies can you expect?


As we mentioned, Vodafone's best VeryMe offer is two cinema tickets for £7. You can use this voucher any time you like and on any day you choose at the Vue cinema. Just be aware that you only get one voucher per week. Still, this is still very generous and the best cinema offer we've found.

Vodafone also offers seasonal discounts and promotions from a range of big brands such as Costa Coffee, Greggs and ASOS. These typically run on a when-they’re-gone-they’re-gone basis. So, make sure you check in regularly to avoid missing out.

And at the moment, there are also competitions to win staycations and early access to buy tickets for The Lion King tour.

Who’s eligible?

All Vodafone mobile phone customers qualify for VeryMe. That goes for customers on a pay monthly phone deal or a SIM-only contract. And you can get involved if you’re a pay as you go customer, too.

How does it tailor deals to my interests?

Vodafone VeryMe app

From the get-go, you’ll be asked to pick what’s of interest to you. But thereafter, the app will study what sort of deals you take up and which brands’ offers you click on. And then take that information to surface similar offers.

The app will also use your location to pick out offers for you. And it’ll note your usage habits too.

So let’s suppose you’re running low on your data allowance. If you’re lucky, you may well get a gift of some free data to tide you over until your contract refreshes.

How do you sign up?

To get started you’ll need to download the My Vodafone app from the App Store or Google Play. It’s then just a case of clicking to join the VeryMe Rewards scheme and you’re done.

Download the VeryMe app for iPhone.

Download the VeryMe app for Android.

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