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Vodafone VeryMe Rewards: everything you need to know

Mobile customers now get cheap cinema tickets, free data and gifts.

Everyone loves a freebie. And for that reason, O2’s Rewards and Three’s Wuntu customer rewards schemes have long been favourites with Britons with a firm hand on their wallets and an eye for a bargain.

From hereon in, O2 and Three have got some stiff competition from Vodafone’s VeryMe scheme. Not only does it get you cut-price cinema tickets. But it harnesses machine learning (also known as artificial intelligence) and location-specific data to tailor deals that are likely to be of particular interest to you.

So how do you sign up? What sort of freebies and offers can you expect? And who’s eligible to join? Read on for everything you need to know.

What freebies can you expect?

Odeon Cinema VeryMe Vodafone

When you sign up via the My Vodafone app, you’ll instantly get 2GB of data. So that’s a winning start.

The standout offer is an ongoing deal that gets you two Odeon tickets per week for £7. Unlike some other rival cheap-tickets schemes that only allow you to get tix to the flicks on a particular day, you can use tickets bought with VeryMe on any day and at any time you like.

Right now, Vodafone is also offering free drinks at Costa Coffee, as well free treats from Millie’s Cookies, Hotel Chocolat and Tesco. These typically run on a when-they’re-gone-they’re-gone basis. So it’s probably clever to check in regularly to ensure you don’t miss out.

And rounding off the noteworthy promotions is 15% off at Interflora, 50% off popcorn and drinks at Odeon cinemas and a three-month free trial of the Mindfulness app. Which could come in very handy with the clamour and stress of Christmas fast approaching.

Speaking of which, Vodafone also pledges that it’ll be running a lot of festive offers throughout December. So far we can see a prize draw for a Red Rose Door Wreath from Interflora.

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Who’s eligible?

All Vodafone mobile phone customers qualify for VeryMe. That goes for customers on a pay monthly phone deal or a SIM-only contract. And you can get involved if you’re a pay as you go customer, too.

How does it tailor deals to my interests?

Vodafone VeryMe app

From the get-go, you’ll be asked to pick what’s of interest to you. But thereafter, the app will study what sort of deals you take up and which brands’ offers you click on. And then take that information to surface similar offers.

The app will also use your location to pick out offers for you. And it’ll note your usage habits too.

So let’s suppose you’re running low on your data allowance. If you’re lucky, you may well get a gift of some free data to tide you over until your contract refreshes.

How do you sign up?

To get started you’ll need to download the My Vodafone app from the App Store or Google Play. It’s then just a case of clicking to join the VeryMe Rewards scheme and you’re done.

Download the VeryMe app for iPhone.

Downlaod the VeryMe app for Android.

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