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Apple Apple iPhone 8

At a glance

  • Big and bright 4.7" screen with premium glass and metal design
  • Wireless charging and fast-charge mode
  • Water-resistant and fingerprint security

What's the iPhone 8 got to offer?

Billed as a bold “new generation of iPhone”, the iPhone 8 teams an all-glass design and wireless charging with a 12-megapixel main camera that’s great for close-ups.

Faster and more powerful than the iPhone 7, it’s also got a brighter 4.7-inch Retina HD screen that Apple claims is “more beautiful than ever” and displays more colours than before.

And it’s powered by iOS 11, which brings support for augmented reality apps and games, better security and improvements to the App Store.

iPhone 8 screen

At 4.7-inches, the iPhone 8’s Retina HD display is a good size for watching videos while you’re on the move. But isn’t so large that won’t fit into your pocket.

Colours are lifelike and more accurate. And it’s capable of displaying a wider range of shades too. So videos, photos and webpages ‘pop’ a lot more.

For the first time on an Apple phone, there’s TrueTone technology. This matches the colour temperature of the light around the phone to make colours appear more natural. The result is that there’s less strain on your eyes.

iPhone 8 main camera

Unlike the dual-lens iPhone 8 Plus, the standard iPhone 8 has a standard 12-megapixel single-lens camera.

That means you don’t get the iPhone 8 Plus’ ‘bokeh effect’ Portrait Mode, a feature that really brings photos to life by bringing your subject into sharp focus, while blurring out background details.

However, it’s still a very, very good camera. And a major improvement compared with iPhone 7. That’s mostly thanks to a larger sensor that lets in more light for better shots in low light conditions.

And it focuses faster too and takes very good wide-angle images, which comes in very handy when you’re shooting landscapes.

It also shoots video in 4K, which is four times the resolution of standard HD. And it features optical image stabilisation technology, which ought to put an end to blurry photos and videos.

iPhone 8 front camera

The ‘selfie’ camera has been upgraded to seven megapixels. More importantly, it’s also now got Retina Flash technology, as well as more realistic colour capture and the same optical image stabilisation capabilities as the iPhone 8’s main camera.

iPhone 8 battery life and wireless charging

iPhone 8 is the first iPhone that can be charged wirelessly. To do so, you’ll need Apple’s official AirPower mat, which is sold separately. Or a compatible charging mat from a third-party accessory manufacturer, such as Belkin or Mophie.

The wireless charging mode, which is made possible by the iPhone 8’s glass back, can be used with the Qi wireless charging points that you typically find in hotels, airport, cafes and cars.

iPhone 8 battery and fast charging

The iPhone 8’s battery comes in at 1821 mAh and, according to Apple, it’ll last you on average two hours longer than the iPhone 7 (based on an average day’s use).

As is standard in high-end smartphones, there’s a fast-charge mode, which can boost power by up to 50% in half an hour.

iPhone 8 iOS 11 software

Augmented reality, whereby graphics are overlaid over real-world environments, is at the heart of iOS 11.

That means you’ll be able to play advanced AR games that take the baton from Pokemon Go and run with it. As well as get to grips with a host of more practical useful apps.

Not least among them is Ikea’s app that lets you see for real exactly how furniture would look in your home. Or any number of travel apps that let you explore a city you’ve never been to and get a genuine sense of how it looks and feels.

Apple’s voice commands app Siri has been improved too, and now works with more apps and allows you to have more natural conversations.

iOS is also more intuitive and uses ‘machine learning’ to help you do things faster by noting what you’re doing and making useful suggestions. That ought to mean you get where you’re going in a trice and type out messages more rapidly too.

Finally, Apple has made it easier to keep your data private and has boosted security too.

iPhone 8 A11 chip

The iPhone 8 is powered by the quad-core A11 Bionic Chip that’s more powerful and faster than the iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion processor.

Optimised to be super-efficient, it manages the iPhone’s 8 power intelligently to keep things running smoothly and uses less energy, to help the battery last longer.

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Shopping around for our best iPhone 8 deals

We've highlighed our pick of what we think are the best iPhone 8 deals in the comparison tables above.

But if you think you need a bit more help finding an iPhone 8 deal that's best for you, you'll also find a handy iPhone 8 buyer's guide in our editorial section, where our team of experts and editorial team select what they think are the best on the market that week.

Intended to help you make tbe best informed decision, buyers’ guides spell out the key ‘sells’ of particular iPhone 8 deals.

That might include everything from a generous data allowance that’s only available for a limited time or network-specific sweeteners.

iPhone SIM-free deals: what should I expect to pay?

The iPhone 8 is priced £699 for the 64GB. The 256GB model is £849.

If you opt to get the iPhone 8 SIM free, you'll need a SIM only deal to go with it. Head to our comparison page and you'll find an extensive selection of what we consider the best value SIM only deals right now.

How much are iPhone 8 deals on monthly contracts?

At the time of writing, iPhone 8 deals are broadly in with what you'd expect to pay for a high-end smartphone on a monthly contract shortly after launch.

That means the cheapest iPhone 8 deals start at a shade over £50 per month, with a bit to pay upfront.

In time, expect the price to drop and for networks to waive upfront charges.