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Compare Plusnet Mobile deals, upgrades, coverage, perks, speeds & more

Taking over from LIFE Mobile, Plusnet uses EE’s extensive 4G coverage to offer competitively priced contracts that include capped data to avoid unexpected bills.

Why choose Plusnet?

  • Inclusive roaming in 52 locations

    All Plusnet Mobile SIM only customers can use their UK data, calls and text message allowances in 52 locations for no extra charge.

  • Competitively priced one-month 4G contracts

    Plusnet Mobile offers competitively priced one-month 4G contracts, as well as handy ‘smart caps’ that allow you to set a monthly price cap so you never pay more than you expect to.

  • Based on EE’s 4G network

    Plusnet use EE, the UK's largest network. So you get over 99% network coverage. There are no extra charges for tethering.

Top Plusnet deals

Bestselling SIM Only Deal
Plusnet Multi SIM 2000 minutes, unlimited texts, 3GB data 1 month contract £8.50 per month Buy now
uSwitch exclusive


All Plusnet Mobile SIM only customers can use their UK data, calls and text message allowances in 52 locations for no extra charge.


Plusnet Mobile is Plusnet’s mobile phone service and specialises in SIM only 4G contracts. Like Plusnet’s broadband packages, Plusnet Mobile’s contracts are keenly priced and offer a good, fast service and competitive monthly usage allowances.

The bedrock of Plusnet Mobile’s service is EE’s 4G network, which is the most extensive in the UK. At the time of writing it covered 97% of the UK population, with plans to offer 95% coverage by 2020.

It’s worth noting that Plusnet Mobile customers don’t get EE’s most expensive 4GEE service, which provides a speed of up to 150Mbps in select locations. But can still expect to benefit from a reliable service that’s five times as fast the average speeds you’d get with 3G.

Customer Service

Plusnet has consistently ranked highly for customer support, with a dedicated customer service team based in the UK.

You can contact Plusnet's customer support team on: 0800 432 0200 or by calling 500 from your Plusnet phone.

Opening hours are 7.30am-10pm every day.


Plusnet Mobile has four plans on offer, all on 30-day rolling SIM-only contracts.

All plans include generous calls, texts and data allowances at very competitive prices. Better still, Plusnet Mobile uses one-size-fits-all SIMs, so they are compatible with any smartphone.


Based on EE's network, Plusnet Mobile offers customers the UK's widest 4G coverage, with 97% population coverage.

Unlike some providers that use a parent network, Plusnet isn’t compromising on speed by using 3G.

Even an entry-level Plusnet SIM comes with 4G, so you can browse the web and stream music at speeds up to five times the average 3G speed.


Launched in November 2016, Plusnet Mobile is a result of a tie–up with SIM–only provider LIFE Mobile, which was bought by EE in 2014.

The deal means that Plusnet uses EE’s network as the foundation of its service.

LIFE Mobile customers have been migrated to Plusnet Mobile. Plusnet pledges that if you’re already with LIFE, you can either switch to them or continue with your existing contract.