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T-Mobile is no longer accepting new customers and the T-Mobile brand has been retired by its owner EE.

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About T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers outstanding network coverage as well as a comprehensive suite of tariffs that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Customers benefit from keenly-priced rates for both national and international calls and messaging.

T-Mobile’s brilliant and flexible tariffs and network coverage have seen it scoop a multitude of mobile phone industry awards. These include Tariff Deal of the Year for Flext at the Mobile Consumer Choice Awards, Best Network from What Mobile magazine and Consumer Operator of the Year at the Mobile Awards.

Customers are offered all the latest T-Mobile phones and benefit from excellently priced calls to mobiles and landlines, international and national calls as well as cheap texts.

The firm operates the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, so that customers can get online easily and simply all over the globe.



T-Mobile was previously known at One 2 One before being rebranded and has invested heavily in next generation communications and with the merger of its 3G and HSDPA networks with 3 it helms the largest HSDPA network in the UK.

The company has a retail branch network of 275 stores. In 2007, it was named Consumer Operator of the Year at the Mobile Awards and the previous year picked up the prize for Tariff Deal of the Year for Flext at the Mobile Consumer Choice Awards.

Customer Service

Customer Service

T-Mobile users can call customer services from their handset by dialling 150. This is free for Standard Pay monthly and U-Fix IT customers and is 25p per call for pay as you go users.

Additionally if a phone is lost, stolen or faulty you can speak to a representative on: 0845 412 5000.

The T-Mobile website houses a range of how-to guides covering the likes of understanding your bill, getting the most from your handset and using phones abroad.



There are three T-Mobile pay monthly tariffs: Flext, Combi and Solo.

Flext is designed to allow customers flexibility with their payments and is available over 12 or 18 months. The deals allow customers a monthly allowance, which they can use up either for text, minutes or picture messages – thus breaking from rivals pay monthly plans where a finite, pre-determined limit is set for facets of phone usage for the month.

Customers who sign up for selected deals can benefit from free calls to UK landlines and mobiles during weekday evenings as well as free weekend calls to UK landlines. These do not count towards your monthly allowance.

The Combi T-Mobile contracts are more traditional and feature the now-standard pre-determined limits for texts, minutes and picture messages. The deals cover an 18-month timeframe and are divided up into four offers.

Finally the Solo T-Mobile contracts are for customers who wish to keep their existing handsets and are SIM-only. They offer the advantage of cancelling in 30 days but customers to still benefit from cheaper calls without the need for a lengthy contract.

Other T-Mobile offers are the U-Fix deals. These are over 12 months and feature a Monthly Allowance. However, should they exceed this they can top up their credit in the manner of a pay as you go deal. Customers who opt for U-Fix plans can currently benefit from free unlimited texts to any handset over the weekend when they buy £10 or more of credit on a Friday.

There is also the MyFaves deal, which runs over 18-month contracts. This is a friends and family-style offer which allows you to make unlimited calls to five numbers of your choice. These can be on any network.

T-Mobile pay monthly deals are enhanced with the addition of the Mates Rates, Everyone and Text Appeal options. A huge variety of T-Mobile phones combinations are available with these deals, including T-Mobile iPhones.



T-Mobile has a 2G network covering 99 per cent of the population as well as a 3G network that covers 84 per cent.

The company also offers the world’s most extensive worldwide Wi-Fi network with over 1,200 HotSpots in the UK and 21,000 worldwide and the largest roaming footprint, covering 27 countries.