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Compare TPO Mobile & SIM only deals, upgrades, coverage, speeds, perks and more

With keenly priced call rates and a commitment to raising money for good causes, The People's Operator bills itself as a different kind of carrier.

Why choose TPO Mobile?

  • Help charities you care about

    10% of your bill goes to a charity of your choice at no cost to you.

  • Voted most reliable network for mobile internet

    The People's Operator (TPO) uses Three's network, which was named best network for reliability among smartphone users in a YouGov survey.

  • Prices from £7.99 per month

    Pay as you go and SIM only contracts start at £7.99 per month for 500 minutes, Unlimited texts and 1GB of 4G data.

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Top TPO Mobile deals

Bestselling SIM Only Deal
TPO Mobile Multi SIM 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 7GB data 1 month contract £14.00 per month Buy now
uSwitch exclusive


The People's Operator aims to set itself apart from larger UK networks by donating a proportion of its profits and customers' payments to good causes.

Customers are able to choose the charity that benefits from the 10% of their payments that go to.


Founded in 2012, The People's Operator aims to offer consumers what it claims is a more ethical alternative to rival providers.

Although The People's Operator is a virtual network and has no infrastructure of its own, it rents EE's network so is able to offer extensive UK coverage.

Customer Service

You can reach The People's Operator's UK-based customer service department on 0845 225 2505.

Opening hours are:

Mon - Fri 08:00AM - 20:00PM

Sat 09:00AM - 18:00PM

Sun 10:00AM - 16:00PM

Christmas opening times are:

25th December - 10am-4pm

26th December - 10am-4pm

1st January - 10am-4pm


The People's Operator offers a range of rolling contract plans and pay as you go options, with competitive calling and data rates. Both its pay as you go and rolling contracts are referred to as 'bundles'.

The People's Operator's rolling contracts are on a 30-day basis and provide a monthly allowance of data, calls and texts which must be used in the time allocated.

As with rival networks, allowances on rolling contracts cannot be carried over from month to month and renewed automatically unless notice is given.

Choose a pay as you go People's Operator 'bundle' and you also have 30 days to use up your allowances.

Unlike the rolling contract plans, however, this will be a one-off payment. If you want more credit, you'll have to add it your account online or by phoning an operator.

One of the People's Operator's selling points to customers is that it aims to keep overheads low with the intention of passing on savings to subscribers in the form of low tariffs.


EE's network, which is the UK's most extensive, is the bedrock for The People's Operator's service and provides customers with 99% UK coverage.

Moving to TPO Mobile and want to keep your phone number from another network?

We've got you covered. Just tell us which network you're leaving and which network you'd like to join and we'll walk you through the process step by step.