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Sony Ericsson upgrades cameraphones

Sony has confirmed it has competed work on a sensor to boost the quality of its integrated mobile phone cameras.

The 12.25 megapixel CMOS sensor is called the Exmor IMX060PQ and is expected to begin being installed in Sony Ericsson handsets first.

Incorporating the sensor in mobiles would dramatically raise the specification and picture quality currently available, with even high-end phones currently housing eight megapixel cameras.

Furthermore, two more sensors have been announced. These are capable of delivering 5.15 and 8.11-megapixels and are thought to begin appearing in the company’s phones from around April next year.

News of Sony’s move to steal a march in the burgeoning camera phone market coms as its rival Samsung recently unveiled a phone housing a ten megapixel camera in Korea.

The launch of the new sensors is expected to further impact on the price of digital cameras which have already been sent downwards following a slew of eight megapixel camera phones onto the UK market.

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