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  5. Motorola and Becks is a ‘partnership built to last’

Motorola and Becks is a ‘partnership built to last’

David Beckham’s relegation to a cameo role for the England team suggests that his best performances on the pitch are behind him. But while his powers may well be on the wane, he nonetheless remains a potent marketing force, capable of shifting everything from Pepsi to space-age Adidas boots.

That’s something Motorola have harnessed to good effect in its forthcoming TV spots for the luxury Aura handset. The spectacular ads harness cutting-edge technology to cast him as a kind of Terminator figure. Appearing bathed in - A-ha, we see where they’re going here – an aura of blue-light, he passes the phone over his body to reveal his internal organs and ribcage. The ad closes with a shot of him with his left eye a-glow with a red light, looking like a dead-ringer for Arnie’s never-say-die cyborg hero.

The glossy, highly polished ad is likely to have cost Motorola a pretty penny to make. And that’s before you even consider what they are paying Becks for their three-year marketing deal. But if you’re wondering if it’s worth their outlay in the face of slackening demand for new phones, look no further than the acres of press coverage the spot has received already.

You can read about the ad everywhere from the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Sun. More pertinently, it’s also appearing on the China Daily and Press Trust of India sites. In the Asian market, Beckham’s endorsement is even more of a guaranteed money-spinner. And it’s this more than anything that will ensure that Motorola picks Becks for its marketing first team as long as he’ll stay with them.

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