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To (BlackBerry) boldly go where no mobile phone manufacturer has been before

The slogan “If you can dream it then you can achieve it”, seems to most right-thinking people like so much self-help nonsense. However, the tendency for Science Fiction to become science fact suggests that there’s more truth in this mantra than we might first suppose.

For instance, in a 1945 work Murray Leinster, a hack Sci-Fi author, foresaw that computers would one day be in every home and that they would be linked so that they could share information. Sound like the internet? Of course it does. But perhaps the most prescient Sci-Fi writer has been one of the genre’s least credible exponents, namely Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry, whose characters used communicators that are mobile phones in all but name.

However, this seems to have escaped the attention of the world’s mobile phone networks who have surely missed a trick by not knocking out a Star Trek-themed handset for the forthcoming release of Star Trek 2009.

This is surprising to say the least, given the impending release of the Transformers movie tie-in phone we told you about on Friday. And unlike that model, which was essentially a cosmetic overhaul of an existing LG mobile phone, a handset that took its design cues from the beautiful retro futurist aesthetic of the communicators would surely have been set to stun all but the most Trek-phobic consumers.

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