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  5. Celeb BlackBerry thefts: A blessing or a curse?

Celeb BlackBerry thefts: A blessing or a curse?

Today, it’s the turn of Kevin Bacon, who genuinely was the victim of a mobile phone thief while out and about in Manhattan. After years out of the spotlight, he’s now all over the papers.

Just days previously, it was celebutante Paris Hilton who suffered a similar plight. She’s now lost her BlackBerry more times than she’s looked sniffily down the nose at honest, blue-collar types in her odious snobathon The Simple Life. On each occasion, she's made yet another unmerited gossip column appearance on the back of it.

BLACKBERRY 8120 Pink 5

All of which begs the question, just what kind of blanket coverage would ensue if someone of real importance – say an MP or a US Congressman - lost their BlackBerry? It’d make the current parliamentary expenses storm look like cat-stuck-up-tree local newspaper report.

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