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  5. RIM beefs up the BlackBerry's gaming credentials

RIM beefs up the BlackBerry's gaming credentials

In recent years the de facto mobile gaming platform of choice has been the Apple iPhone. With its powerful hardware, motion controls and insanely popular App Store, gamers have been able to enjoy full 3D titles that often put dedicated handheld platforms such as the PSP to shame.

BlackBerry handsets, on the other hand, have not been thought of as particularly potent when it comes to gaming, with a lack of developer support and some fairly bland graphics to boot.

That is all set to change after Research In Motion announced improved software support would be coming to various BlackBerry mobiles during a conference in San Francisco. Just check this clip of Need for Speed for proof:

Owners of BlackBerry devices running version 5.0 of the operating system and upwards will be able to enjoy ever more detailed and graphically intricate games in the future. This is thanks to RIM's commitment to the OpenGL ES application programming interface (API). Games developers will be able to create games with full 3D environments using Java.

It has been reported that mainstream developer Electronic Arts is already in the process of creating games for BlackBerry handset using the new software platform.

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