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Sony Ericsson Pureness 2 on the way

Sony Ericsson Pureness 2 on the way

Sony Ericsson is planning a sequel to its radical-looking Pureness concept mobile phone, the Pureness.

Currently only available from selected retailers, the Pureness is much in demand among fans of design-led mobiles for its eye-catching translucent screen and pared down specifications.

According to Daniel Mauritzon, who designed the original Pureness, a new version of the handset is now in the works that will be even more spartan

In an interview with Electric Pig he revealed plans to extend the concept of the handset range by “taking away" features rather than adding them for the new edition and hinted that the keypad may even be removed.

Features of the Pureness are already fairly rudimentary compared with high-end smartphones with super-fast processors eschewed in favour of those you might expect in a mid-range handset, such as HSDPA support and a media player.

However, one unique feature is the incorporation of a support team-backed concierge service which books flights and arranges appointments for owners.

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