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  5. Sony Ericsson adds Elm to Eco-Friendly line up

Sony Ericsson adds Elm to Eco-Friendly line up

Sony Ericsson adds Elm to Eco-Friendly line up

The Sony Ericsson Elm has joined the Naite as part of the range of environmentally friendly phones aimed at cutting carbon emissions and reducing the impact of mobile manufacturing on the environment.

The Elm utilises recycled plastics in the construction of its body and in order to cut down on paper use, the various pieces of documentation that accompany the phone have been included as a digital PDF file. This also allows the Elm to have minimal packaging, cutting down on the space and fuel consumed when it is delivered.

The Sony Ericsson Elm is not lacking in modern features despite its green credentials, as it comes with a five megapixel camera, 3G network connectivity and a decently sized 2.2 inch screen. Social networking apps including Facebook and Twitter are also built in and there is GPS for navigation and route planning.

Sony Ericsson has instigated the GreenHeart program in order to allow it to cut its emissions by up to 20 per cent in order to comply with industry regulations which require reductions of this magnitude by 2015.

The Sony Ericsson Elm has been recently announced and is slated for a launch in early 2010, although there has yet to be an announcement regarding the proposed cost of this mobile phone.

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