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Sony Ericsson cuts jobs in Sweden

Sony Ericsson cuts jobs in Sweden

Sony Ericsson announced in April that it would be cutting a total of 2000 jobs from its global operations by the middle of 2010 and the latest cull from a Swedish site represents nearly a quarter of the total target.

This figure is compounded by the news that an additional 200 consultants will also be losing their positions at the Lund-based site.

Dow Jones News Wires was told by a spokesperson for Sony Ericsson that the affected staff members would be informed of the bad news at a meeting.

Sony Ericsson has been making job cuts throughout 2009 and a majority have been made in its production arm as the company's head claims that improved manufacturing efficiency has left it with surplus staff capacity.

The latest cuts represent 15 per cent of the total workforce at the Lund site and were announced by Chief Executive Officer Bert Nordberg when he made a trip out to the facility earlier this week.

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