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Blessed be the BlackBerrys

In a ceremony at a church in London, Rev Canon David Parrott of St Lawernce Jewry gave handsets of all hues and specs his blessing. Literally.

In a novel twist on the ancient Plough Day custom, whereby our farming forefathers would haul their ploughs into church, Rev Parrott instead asked his congregation to hold their phones up to be canonised. His reasoning was that mobiles rather than yokes for oxen are now the tools by which we earn our daily bread.

Blackberry Halo

He told his flock: "May our tongues be gentle, our e-mails be simple and our websites be accessible".

"By your blessing, may these phones and computers, symbols of all the technology and communication in our daily lives, be a reminder to us that you are a God who communicates with us and who speaks by your Word. Amen".

So what did we learn from said sermon? Well, for a start that the church of England is a very, very broad church indeed. And that it’s perhaps not just iPhones that merit the 'Jesus phone' moniker.

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