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  5. CES 2010: Radiation-proof case for BlackBerry

CES 2010: Radiation-proof case for BlackBerry

CES 2010: Radiation-proof case for BlackBerry

Those who remain concerned as to the radiation emitted by mobile phones can put their minds at ease if they make use of a new mobile case from Pong Research which reduces the radiation being beamed into the user's head by 60 per cent.

At the moment, the device has only been designed for use with the BlackBerry Curve, but if its popularity picks up there is no reason why other mobile phones will not soon be enjoying the same benefits.

The new case has been in development for some time, but was officially shown at CES 2010, where visitors were slightly baffled behind the science of the device.

Apparently the basics of the case involve the inclusion of an embedded secondary antennae which pulls the usually scattered radiation emitted by a mobile phone towards it and then on to the nearest base station rather than into the user's head.

The best part of the case's design is that it will not compromise your reception as it is not shielding or dampening the radiation, but rather sending it off in a more useful and less damaging direction.

According to a spokesperson for Pong Research, tests have shown that the device can also be used to enhance reception.

Pong's Vice President of Development Albert Liu said that the newly announced Google Nexus One and Motorola's Milestone would soon be getting their own versions of the radiation redirecting case and there is already a version for the [iPhone](/mobiles/deals/appleiphone3gs_16gb/ "iPhone 3G S 16GB2) priced at around £40.

Experts predict that if the technology proves to be a success it could soon be integrated into mobile phone handsets themselves, rather than being part of an accessory.

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