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HD calling on the way from Orange

HD calling on the way from Orange

Over the first few months of 2010 more people will be able to enjoy better quality voice calls thanks to Orange's new HD Voice service. The days of tinny audio and patchy connections are hopefully going to end if the new technology is successful.

Orange plans to roll out the HD Voice technology, which makes use of the high speed 3G network, on a variety of mobile phones over the next 12 months, although details as to precisely which phones will first enjoy the benefits have not been revealed.

The clarity of the calling afforded by the new technology is supposed to be so good that users' ears will be deceived into thinking that the person they are talking to is right next to them rather than miles away.

Head of Orange's UK operation Tom Alexander suggested that it will be impossible for customers to settle for anything less than HD quality audio once they have experienced the service.

Industry observers have welcomed the news and praised Orange for focusing on improving the main function of most mobile phones rather than winning customers over with faddish features.

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