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Orange drops N97 Mini

Orange drops N97 Mini

Orange has decided that it can no longer support the N97 Mini because more than a fifth of customers who purchased the device from the network returned the smartphone after faults developed.

Orange said that it had a policy in place that would cause the automatic withdrawal of any mobile phone which was returned by more than ten per cent of customers. For the N97 Mini, the rate was over twice the acceptable limits determined by the network.

Orange said that although it would no longer offer the N97 Mini on pay monthly contracts, it would still provide support and repairs to any customers who had already purchased the smartphone.

Nokia said that despite Orange's claims, the levels of returns of N97 Minis were not high to its own retailers or from other networks.

It also said that the software-related issues reported by Orange customers were new.

The Carphone Warehouse, which has been selling the N97 Mini on behalf of Orange, is also claiming that it has not experienced abnormal numbers of returns and as such has not withdrawn the handsets from its branches or online.

A staff member said that compared to the full sized N97 the Mini has been a relatively trouble-free mobile phone to offer to consumers.

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