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  5. BlackBerry and iPhone tech probe begins

BlackBerry and iPhone tech probe begins

BlackBerry and iPhone tech probe begins

The International Trade Commission (ITC) will begin investigations into the technology used by Apple and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) in their flagship smartphones, after photography firm Kodak complained of patent infringements.

The disputed technology is that which allows users of the smartphones produced by the respective firms to preview the images that they have captured with the built-in digital cameras.

According to Kodak, a settlement of its complaints was attempted with both Apple and RIM, but no satisfactory agreement could be reached, so it was forced to file its case with the ITC.

You may remember that Kodak has already taken smartphone manufacturers to court over the same infringements - and won. Samsung had to pay significant compensation after it was found to be breaching the patents back in December of last year.

Kodak's complaint to the ITC is being made in parallel with two other lawsuits against Apple, both of which are being fought on US soil.

Apple is seemingly under legal pressure from all sides, with Kodak's complaints being registered on the same day that other claims surfaced, this time implicating Apple's use of the digital camera hardware and computing processes.

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