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eReader app for BlackBerry launched

eReader app for BlackBerry launched

Bookworms who also own a BlackBerry can now get all of their reading matter direct to their phone thanks to the launch of the Amazon Kindle app.

With over 420,000 titles available in an ever-expanding library of books, Kindle is one of the most comprehensive eBook downloading services out there.

The Kindle for BlackBerry app could allow BlackBerrys to compete directly with the Apple iPad when it arrives.

Apple's device has been heavily marketed on its abilities as an eBook reader and download hub.

With the iPad and now the Kindle for BlackBerry app causing a stir, it is clear that eBook use is finally on the rise, with interest in high-end devices finally triggering mainstream interest.

Google is making one of the more controversial eBook ideas a reality by battling in the courts for the right to scan millions of books to add to its own virtual catalogue.

This has been met with staunch opposition from many publishers, who fear that pirating new novels will cause the industry to suffer in the same way as the music and film industries since they went digital.

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