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  5. Virgin Media to cut cost of calling mobiles

Virgin Media to cut cost of calling mobiles

Virgin Media to cut cost of calling mobiles

In a UK first it looks as though Virgin Media will be offering its home phone customers the opportunity to make free voice calls to certain mobile numbers.

From April 2010, a Virgin Media home phone customer will be able to call a Virgin Media mobile without having to pay for the privilege.

Four million UK consumers are currently Virgin Media home phone customers and provided you have friends and family who are also loyal to Branson's brand in their mobile purchases, the costs of chatting could be considerably reduced.

Virgin Media said that ten per cent of its landline customers were also Virgin Media mobile customers, which would mean that many could take advantage of the deal as soon as it goes live.

Virgin Media's Graeme Oxby said: "At a time when other providers seem keen on giving their customers less from their phone service, we are extremely proud to be leading the way in this field, being the first to offer free home phone to mobile calls."

Virgin Media does not own its mobile networks outright, but utilises T-Mobile's infrastructure, acting as a virtual network operator.

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