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iPlayer landing on BlackBerrys

 iPlayer landing on BlackBerrys

Video streaming of BBC programming is now possible on most BlackBerry mobiles after the broadcaster launched its iPlayer service for the smartphones this week.

BlackBerry owners can use their browser software to surf their way over to a specially designed web page that lets them access much of the iPlayer's functionality.

In order to get the service up and running, users will need to have a BlackBerry with Wi-Fi connectivity in, as this will make the quality of the video bearable.

It's far from perfect, but then streaming videos on a mobile phone is still an imperfect art.

Although official BBC requirements state that only BlackBerrys with versions 4.2 to 4.7 of the operating system will be compatible with the iPlayer page, reports suggest that Storm 2 owners need not worry as it seems to work perfectly well with version 5.0.

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