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  5. Palm Pre owners to get free EA games

Palm Pre owners to get free EA games

Palm Pre owners to get free EA games

In an attempt to showcase the Palm Pre's 3D gaming credentials, its manufacturer is partnering with developer EA to give away three games free of charge for the webOS-based smartphone.

The games on offer are racing title Need For Speed Undercover, the board game port of Monopoly and the evergreen life simulator The Sims 3.

The games will be a feature of the Pre's app download service until April, so Pre owners will have to act relatively soon to make them most of the deal.

Palm's app store will be launching its first paid-for applications at the end of March, which is being highlighted by the free downloads.

The UK version of the market has been lagging behind the US in the paid-for apps department, as Pre owners Stateside have been able to buy software for nearly five months now.

News of EA games offer come as UK Pre owners are about to get webOS 1.4 in the form of an update, although the release date for this is still not confirmed.

The new software will allow for video capture and will clean up the webOS to allow the whole system to run smoothly and consume less energy.

The application of the new software will occur wirelessly, so there will be minimal hassle involved for the user.

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