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Blackberry Storm 3 sighted online?

Blackberry Storm 3  sighted online?

Leaked images suggest that BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) could be changing the traditional design of its smartphones by introducing the first vertical slider to bear its branding.

A slightly bright but undeniably clear shot of what looks very much like a BlackBerry slider phone has turned up on the internet and its existence has sparked some heavy speculation.

Some believe that the smartphone could be the Storm3, which would imply that as well as a full QWERTY keypad hidden by the slider mechanism, it will also sport a touchscreen display.

Others have said that this could simply be a prototype of a previous mobile that never made it through the development process.

Website BBLeaks got its hands on the photo of the unknown BlackBerry mobile, but whether this is a hoax or not, it is generally acknowledged that RIM needs to create a real hit with its next major release.

RIM is rumoured to be in the process of building a brand new operating system for future BlackBerrys, which could mean that it is finally able to produce a touchscreen smartphone that can rival the iPhone in the mainstream market.

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