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Workaholics use BlackBerrys

Workaholics use BlackBerrys

BlackBerry users are working for up to ten days more on average than their colleagues who do not make use of Research In Motion (RIM)'s business-focused smartphones, according to a new study.

The firm behind the report based the findings on the fact that BlackBerry users receive and respond to work-related emails whilst they are away from the office and supposed to be relaxing, which is a symptom of the excellent email capabilities and always-on nature of most BlackBerry mobiles.

This not only adds to what could be considered working hours, but also increases the pressure on the individual involved, which is not considered to be healthy by Nectar Business, the publishers of the report.

The survey found that nearly a quarter of all respondents who use BlackBerrys were unable to resist looking at their work emails during their days off.

Meanwhile, roughly the same number said that BlackBerry ownership added to the stress of day-to-day life because it means that they are constantly available.

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