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BlackBerry Bold 9650 landing May?

BlackBerry Bold 9650 landing May?

The next BlackBerry handset to arrive from Research in Motion (RIM) is going to be the Bold 9650 and it could be out as early as May, online speculation suggests.

The Bold 9650 has still not been officially unveiled by RIM, but pictures and information about it have surfaced online in recent months, with the latest details suggesting that May is going to be the month of its arrival.

US networks Sprint and Verizon are allegedly gearing up to be the first providers to offer the new smartphone, with the former gunning for a May 16th launch whilst the latter has May 27th in its sights.

The Bold 9650 will cost the best part of £300 when it hits the market and observers believe that RIM's WES 2010 event, which is taking place in Florida next week, will be used to launch the smartphone.

The Bold 9650 replaces the trackball with the optical trackpad that has become a feature of most new BlackBerrys and it will also have a faster processor and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Businesses looking to keep security tight will be able to opt for a version of the Bold 9650 which lacks the digital camera of the retail version. This will apparently stop employees from snapping business secrets.

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