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Sony Ericsson returns to profit

Sony Ericsson returns to profit

Sony Ericsson posted profits of £18 million over the first three months of 2010, despite worse than expected sales of the its mobile phones.

The company's latest figures show that demand for its mobiles was down 28 per cent compared with the year-ago period.

The recently launched Xperia X10 and high-definition recording [Vivaz]( smartphones were cited as key to the turnaround in its fortunes.

Sony Ericsson has also cut costs and ameliorated margins across its international operations, allowing it to become more profitable over the last 12 months.

In 2009 the total losses for the firm came in at over £733 million, but the storm clouds could finally be parting as the worst of the global recession eases and its presence in the smartphone market is established.

Bert Nordberg of Sony Ericsson said: "We are pleased to see the positive impact of both the launch of new products and the business transformation programme improving the company's results."

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