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BlackBerry tablet planned

BlackBerry tablet planned

Canadian smartphone manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) is said to be working on a tablet device based on its BlackBerry operating system (OS) in order to take on the Apple iPad.

The BlackPad, as it is being dubbed by the media, was allegedly going to use the Google Android platform in early plans. However, reports suggest that RIM is now going to stick with its own smartphone software in order to power the device.

The BlackPad is said to feature a 3G connection, which would allow it to make and receive voice and video calls, as well as being a capable messaging device, according to industry analyst Ashok Kumar.

After "taking a second look at that product roadmap" during a review of a prototype tablet smartphone, RIM decided that any future product would have "to compare favorably to the iPad," according to Mr Kumar.

For RIM to rely on Android for a future pseudo-smartphone would have been seen as a strange move for a firm that has built its reputation on in-house software. Little else is known about the technical specifications of this device, but it is expected to pack a punch if RIM is to really take on Apple at its own game.

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