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Orange and T-Mobile become Everything Everywhere

Orange and T-Mobile become Everything Everywhere

Orange and T-Mobile are set to rebrand as Everything Everywhere when the companies complete their merger later in the year.

100 high street stores will be occupied by the new network provider, which also disclosed plans to improve Wi-Fi coverage via national hotspots.

Job losses are expected once Everything Everywhere is formed and begins to settle, with duplicate positions in middle management being axed.

New chief executive Tom Alexander said: "What I wanted was a company name that did not distract or confuse from two very strong brands.

"What I wanted was something that was additive. I love Everything Everywhere because it really does encapsulate the vision and the ambition for the company".

Mr Alexander continued by saying that smartphones such as Apple's iPhone and platforms including Android and Windows Phone 7 are changing how people use mobiles and that he hopes Everything Everywhere will be able to cater to the shifting needs of the consumer.

The Orange and T-Mobile brands will remain, but the umbrella force of Everything Everywhere will make an appearance in advertising campaigns operated by both companies.

"Yes it will be on our payslip and we will use it as a description of the holding company but we will also use it as a tag line appropriately. You will see it popping up occasionally," Mr Alexander stated.

It was initially suggested that the 713 retail shops owned and operated by both T-Mobile and Orange would be cut to a more manageable number, but now even more high street expansion is on the cards and an in-store deal with HMV will see Everything Everywhere come close to living up to its name.

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