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  5. Wi-Fi contact syncing comes to BlackBerrys

Wi-Fi contact syncing comes to BlackBerrys

Wi-Fi contact syncing comes to BlackBerrys

BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has updated its Internet Service platform, giving its customers the ability to wirelessly transfer address information to and from their smartphones.

The platform, which usually handles the push email functions that are essential for any BlackBerry user, has just been updated to version 3.1. This version brings in automatic synchronisation of the contact lists stored on webmail services, such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

RIM has put a cap of 10,000 on the address syncing service, which should be more than enough for anyone. This list will be updated and stored automatically over four hour intervals, which means that contacts will always remain intact no matter what happens to the BlackBerry itself.

The Android 2.1 platform has been offering similar features since its launch and has greater social networking support, with Facebook synchronisation a key asset. RIM may well add similar capabilities in future updates, as it has already laid the groundwork with this addition.

A firmware update is required for BlackBerry owners who wants to take advantage of these improvements.

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