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BlackBerry 9300 pictures leaked

BlackBerry 9300 pictures leaked

Images of a new addition to the BlackBerry Curve range, dubbed the Curve 9300, have been leaked online.

At the moment there is no word as to whether RIM will bring the Curve 9300 to the UK and it is not unusual for it to restrict some variants of its mobiles to North America.

However, the UK is also a solid market for the BlackBerry brand, so it could well be making the leap across the Atlantic.

The Curve 9300 looks much like previous entries in the series, with a full QWERTY keypad and a modest screen. Pictures showing the rear identify the presence of a camera, but it has been noted that there is no flash, which might upset some potential purchasers.

The forthcoming business phone could be a direct follow up to the 8520, according to CrackBerry, although it is worth pointing out that this phone appears to borrow from many of its predecessors.

RIM is in the process of developing and promoting version 6.0 of the BlackBerry operating system (OS). But if rumours are to believed the 9300 only has version 5.0, which might mean that it will be sold at a lower price point than other planned releases in the pipeline.

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