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BlackBerry security app unveiled

BlackBerry security app unveiled

Protect will allow users to locate their mobiles no matter where they end up, with the ability to then transfer the data stored within wirelessly back to any networked PC for secure backup.

Users will also be able to seek out their BlackBerry smartphone if it gets lost nearby thanks to the Loud Ring option, which overrides even the silent setting.

The BlackBerry Protect app can be remotely implemented to lock the phone and set a user defined password if it is lost or stolen.

Whilst locked, the phone can also show anyone who happens to find it the information needed in order to return the device to its rightful owner.

Remote deletion of all stored data can be activated if the owner is particularly concerned for the security of their personal information.

Since this data can be easily backed up, it can be just as easily restored when a replacement BlackBerry is found, or if you upgrade to a new BlackBerry in the future.

BlackBerry Protect is currently undergoing beta testing and you can get a sneak peak at the software via RIM's Beta Zone service if you are lucky enough to get an invitation.

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