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BlackBerry Storm 3 specs leak

BlackBerry Storm 3 specs leak

Specifications of the latest addition to the BlackBerry Storm range of email focussed mobiles have leaked online, after an employee at Research in Motion (RIM) snapped a hasty picture of the device during a training event.

The slide, as uncovered by Engadget confirms that version 6.0 of the BlackBerry operating system (OS) will be used by the Storm 3 and that its hardware will include 512MB of RAM and a five megapixel camera, together with support for the latest wireless N standards.

The slide also implies that the Storm 3 will be able to share its 3G connectivity via a Wi-Fi broadcast capability, allowing it to act as its own internet hub for multiple users, but it seems as though this feature will be added later rather than being enabled straight out of the box.

Alas, the image is partially obscured by another audience member and thus the only information about the launch date for the Storm 3 is that it will be in a month ending with the 'ember' suffix.

This strongly suggests that the Storm 3 is going to arrive before the end of the year.

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