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  5. Blackberry threatened by ban in India

Blackberry threatened by ban in India

Blackberry threatened by ban in India

Research In Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry services face renewed threats in the world’s fastest growing mobile market, after the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs raised security concerns.

A high-ranking Indian security official warned: “We will ban BlackBerry services if they refuse to give government details of data shared by users. They have so far denied data on the excuse of encryption.

“There should not be any problem in sharing the data. If they can provide this to US intelligence agencies, we do not see any reason that they cannot provide the same to Indian agencies.”

However, UK Bansal, Chief of Internal Security under the Ministry of Home Affairs, played down the threat.

He said: "BlackBerry has assured the Ministry of Home Affairs that the issue of monitoring of the BlackBerry will be sorted out soon.

“I am sure we will soon be on the same page and our concerns will be addressed."

The security concerns primarily stem from private and sensitive data sent to Blackberry servers abroad.

While RIM maintains the data is highly encrypted and stored in secure servers in Canada, the Indian government wants it to establish a proxy server in India, which Indian security agencies can monitor.

News of developments comes only days after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) claimed that Blackberry apps pose a serious threat to national security.

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