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  5. Leaked docs hint at new BlackBerry Bold

Leaked docs hint at new BlackBerry Bold

Leaked docs hint at new BlackBerry Bold

Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) appears to be planning to add to the BlackBerry range with a new Bold smartphone, with leaked internal documents detailing its codename.

The BlackBerry Bold R020 is apparently set to follow closely in the footsteps of the popular Bold 9700, even down to the external styling, which means it will not stray far from RIM's winning formula.

The Bold R020 will be a little smaller and more pocketable than its forbears, packing a 624MHz processor and a healthy 512MB of RAM to make the operating system (OS) and apps fly.

Photography capabilities will be assured via a five megapixel camera and the 2.4-inch display will not be vastly different from the current crop of BlackBerry smartphones. The standard black edition of the Bold R020 will be accompanied by an all-white option.

Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity will help to speed up messaging and web services and a 3.5mm headphone socket will make it a suitable stand-in for a portable media device.

The most significant feature offered by the Bold R020 is set to be version 6.0 of the BlackBerry OS and it could be available before the year is over, according to documents acquired by Boy Genius Report.

Expanding the Bold range seems to be a sensible move for RIM, as its customers are happy to buy incrementally upgraded versions of smartphones with which they are familiar.

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