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Lebanon slams BlackBerry security

Lebanon slams BlackBerry security

The BlackBerry range is set to be examined by authorities in Lebanon to assess its appropriateness for sale within the country, after domestic regulators announced potential issues over security.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) said it would be dealing directly with BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) as part of its investigations into the popular business phones.

Other nations including Saudi Arabia, India and the UAE have been critical of RIM's BlackBerry range because they've previously been denied the right to monitor the content of instant messages and emails sent from the mobiles thanks to encryption.

Imad Hoballah of the TRA said: "We are studying the issue from all sides - technical, service-wise, economic, financial, legal and security-wise.

"We are discussing this with the concerned administrations and ministries."

From October, the BlackBerry range will become crippled in Saudi Arabia after talks fell through and the authorities decided to remove key functionality such as email and web access.

The proportion of the Lebanese population that owns a BlackBerry smartphone is believed to be very small, with total mobile penetration in the country running at around 70 per cent.

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