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BlackBerry Storm 3 leaked online?

BlackBerry Storm 3 leaked online?

Images of what is purported to be the BlackBerry Storm 3 have leaked online, showing a touchscreen-only handset that despatches with Research in Motion’s (RIM) trademark physical QWERTY keyboards.

Unearthed by BerryReview, the handset reportedly packs a pretty expansive 3.7-inch display as well as 8GB of onboard memory.

It’ll also apparently offer tethering, allowing buyers to use their smartphone as a dongle to get online with all manner of 3G web enabled devices.

However, while a BlackBerry with a more radical form factor should be cause for celebration, you many want to put that champers on ice for a while.

According to rival RIM watchers BGR at least, the Storm 3 won’t be anything like as interesting to look at and will actually be barely distinguishable aesthetically from the Storm 2.

The Storm is expected to debut in the UK before the end of the year. In the meantime, the well received BlackBerry Torch is on pre-order now.

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