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  5. Orange & T-Mobile customers in line for network coverage boost

Orange & T-Mobile customers in line for network coverage boost

Orange & T-Mobile customers in line for network coverage boost

Orange and T-Mobile customers are in line for better UK-wide coverage, after parent company Everything Everywhere announced it is opening the carrier’s networks up to its entire customer base.

According to the umbrella company, the move represents the start of the “single biggest improvement of network coverage since the birth of mobile”, enabling them to make more calls and sent texts from more places than ever before.

The change will also allow 30 million people to benefit from cheaper rates, with the waiving of the premium charge that would ordinarily apply to cross network calls and texts.

Tom Alexander, Chief Executive Officer of Everything Everywhere, said: “This is the beginning of an ambitious plan to give our customers instant access to whatever they want, wherever they are – instant access to everything everywhere.

“As well as continuing to benefit from their existing network, Orange customers will be able to make calls and send texts on the T-Mobile network and T-Mobile customers will be able to do the same using the Orange network.”

To be first in line to benefit from the network improvements, pay as you go, pay monthly and business customers can register than interest at either or

Further enhancements to the service are due next year, including the option to automatically switch to whichever of the two networks has the strongest signal mid-call, plus enhanced data and internet coverage.

News of developments comes after Orange last week announced it is introducing HD voice calling technology to improve call clarity for customers.

The service will be free on compatible mobiles, which include mid-range handsets such as the Nokia 5230 and Samsung Omnia Pro as well as higher-end models, including the Nokia X6.

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