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  5. Sony Ericsson says ‘big surprises coming up’

Sony Ericsson says ‘big surprises coming up’

Sony Ericsson says ‘big surprises coming up’

Sony Ericsson boss Bert Nordberd let slip during an interview at the company’s grand opening of its new North American headquarters that the London-based smartphone maker has some big surprises coming up in the “next few months”.

The interview with Global Atlanta, which lasts only two minutes, discusses how Sony Ericsson plans to differentiate its products from rivals BlackBerry and iPhone.

Nordberg called BlackBerry a “text machine”, while acknowledging that iPhone has clearly been “a great success”. But he emphasised that Sony Ericsson phones’ strength lied in their multimedia and entertainment capabilities and strong integration with unique apps and services thanks to its partnership with Sony.

It was when Nordberg was asked what is the “next big phone” coming to the market that he revealed: “we have [a] big surprises coming in the next few months."

While there is nothing conclusive about the statement, we reckon the surprise, or “surprises” Nordberg hinted at could very well be the rumoured Android 3.0 powered PlayStation phone that’s been floating around the web since August.

Sony recently posted a job advert on its PlayStation Jobs site looking for server engineers with “Android” knowhow and “knowledge/experience in online gaming”. The company denies that it is working on any PlayStation branded phone.

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