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3 announces free Facebook access

3 announces free Facebook access

UK network 3 has announced that it will be offering its customers access to Facebook free of charge without requiring a data plan.

Under the offer, 3 customers will be able to access Facebook for free from any Internet-enabled handset, which 3 hopes will appeal to those who haven’t yet taken the plunge into using mobile internet.

All users have to do is point their browser to, which is specially designed to be a fast, easy to use version of the Facebook Mobile site, and they will have access to all the essential Facebook services without spending a penny on data charges.

3 has confirmed that more features such as Facebook Chat, Facebook apps such as FarmVille, plus the newly launched Facebook Places service will be added in the future.

The announcement comes hot in the heels of Facebook breaking the 500 million users milestone and the release of a Hollywood movie based on the site, titled The Social Network, which is airing in theatres right now.

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