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iPhone outsells BlackBerrys in Q3

iPhone outsells BlackBerrys in Q3

Apple iPhones outsold BlackBerrys during the third quarter, latest sales figures reveal, as consumers shrugged off antennagate and allegations of cracking screens to sign up for Apple smarties in their droves.

According to figures from research company Strategy Analytics, sales of iPhones hit 14.1 million over the period from July to September, compared with 12.4 million for BlackBerrys.

However, despite the iPhone’s surge in popularity, Apple still has some way to go before it challenges Nokia for the top spot.

Despite a fall in market share to 34 per cent – Nokia’s lowest ever -the Finns still shipped some 26.5 million smartphones over the period to comfortably retain its position at the top of the tree.

However, all is far from well at Nokia right now. Although it this week announced some pretty stellar profits, it has also confirmed plans to cut 1,800 jobs as it looks to “streamline” its business model.

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