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  5. BlackBerry to be dumped by US corporations

BlackBerry to be dumped by US corporations

BlackBerry to be dumped by US corporations

It seems that Research In Motion (RIM)’s smartphone woes are set to continue, as fresh reports of two more major corporations abandoning the BlackBerry range have come to light.

According to Bloomberg, both Bank of America and Citigroup are pondering a switch to Apple’s iPhone as the primary smartie for corporate email and are currently testing the iPhone’s security system with 1,000 employees, which may take up to six weeks.

If successfully tested, Apple’s premier blower could potentially replace the handsets of a collective 542,000 workforce and deal a massive blow to BlackBerry’s reputation for security, which is what has made it so popular with corporate users in the first place.

The smartphone giant has already lost support of computer giant Dell, which recently replaced 25,000 corporate smarties with Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7.

BlackBerry currently reigns supreme in market share stateside, but is facing stiff competition from Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platform. If Bank of America and Citigroup follow suit with Dell it may have a ripple effect onto other organisations.

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