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  5. Android apps ‘already running on BlackBerry phones’

Android apps ‘already running on BlackBerry phones’

Android apps ‘already running on BlackBerry phones’

Reports that Android apps are crossing the OS divide to BlackBerry phones were lent fresh credence today, after a developer claimed to have evidence that some users are already running applications devised for phones running Google’s platform.

One of the dev team behind shopping tool ShopSavvy realised that his app had been used on BlackBerry phones after it showed up on analytics data. According to the stats, the app was used over the last few months and across a range of BlackBerry models.

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More interesting, though, is the provenance of the server access requests. If the dev is to be believed these were from Waterloo in Canada. And as any good Research in Motion-watcher knows, that's the location of BlackBerry HQ (Cue: dramatic music).

News of the goings on comes amid rumours that Research in Motion is looking to sweeten the allure of its App World app store to the mass market.

Although the download market was recently deemed the world’s second-largest by revenue, the bulk of the wares on offer consists of sawdust dry business tools. And credible games are especially lacking on the BlackBerry platform.

By including support for Android apps, the company would inherit a fast growing library of casual games a la Angry Birds, as well as fun, zeitgeisty apps, such as Google Goggles.



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