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  5. Apple rejects Sony Reader app from the App Store

Apple rejects Sony Reader app from the App Store

Apple rejects Sony Reader app from the App Store

Ever wondered whatever happened to that Sony Reader app for the iPhone we told you about a couple of months ago? Well, this might shock you, so put on your best shock-face. It’s been rejected by Apple.

Okay, I admit it’s not very shocking at all - especially given Apple’s colourful history with apps and content it doesn’t approve of. While Cupertino has yet to comment on its decision, the Sony Reader website states: “Apple changed the way it enforces its rules and this will prevent the current version of the Reader for iPhone from being available in the App Store”.

It goes on to describe the situation as an “impasse at this time” but adds “we’re exploring other avenues to bring the Reader experience to Apple mobile devices”.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to think that the “impasse” may have something to do with Apple’s unremitting enmity towards rivals’ products, particularly those competing with its own, AKA the iBooks store.

Then again, it did let Amazon’s Kindle app in. But that’s probably because the Kindle is just too big to keep out and doing so would only hurt its iPad sales.

The most reasonable explanation is that Apple probably isn’t happy with whatever cut of the Reader app profit Sony is willing to sacrifice. We may not always like the way Apple does business, but ultimately it has the right to do whatever it pleases with its own App Store.

If you own an Android device, you can enjoy the Reader app available right now from the Android Market.

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